Market share between Windows 7 and XP continues to converge

If you are among the few that still stick with the age-old (read: 10 years old) Windows XP, you better plan your migration soon.

According to Computerworld, Windows XP usage declined 1.8% last month, dropping its market share to 45.4%. Meanwhile, Windows 7 held its steady ascension into the operating system market at a rate of 1.7% and ending with a 38.1% market share yesterday.

Assuming all goes well with the current trend (and maybe the alignment of the stars), Windows 7 will soon reach over 50% of market-share by June, perhaps as early as May if things are looking better than predicted.

Microsoft has been diligently pushing users to ditch Windows XP in favor of the newer Windows 7, announcing the discontinuation of security patches for the dying operating system by 2014.

Meanwhile, the consumer preview of the upcoming Windows 8 operating system debut this week, and is bound to maintain the Redmond company’s stronghold on the OS market. Currently, Windows holds a market-share of 91.9% of the desktop operating system market.