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Congratulations! You are the proud owner of an iPod Touch! According to Apple, it is “the funnest iPod ever.” Unfortunately, it ain’t so fun for you. How come? Is it because you’re still stunned by how you can scroll down a page with the flick of a finger? Or that you can zoom in and out of a picture with the simple pinch of your fingers? Then, allow me to rescue you from your hazy world. With these never-before-seen tips and tricks(not really), you can finally demonstrate to your neighbor’s cat your superiority in technological know-how.

  1. Take screenshots
  2. Press the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons simultaneously to take a screenshot of the image being displayed on your iPod’s screen. A “flash” will illuminate the screen, indicating that you’ve taken a photo. Note: You can find the photos in the “Saved Photos” section of the Photo application.
    ipod touch + camera

  3. Delete photos saved to your iPod Touch
  4. To delete photos saved to your iPod, connect the device to your computer and go to Computer if you have a Windows PC. Double-click on your device’s icon and find the cache of photos you have saved to your iPod. From there, you can delete the photos by right-clicking on them and selecting “delete”.

  5. Download music to your device from a CD
  6. To download songs onto the iPod from a music cd, launch iTunes and place the cd into your computer. iTunes will then ask you whether you want to import the cd’s songs into your iTune’s library. Select “yes.”

  7. Speed up your typing
  8. When you are typing and reach the end of a sentence, press space twice to enter a period and a space.

    That's performance-enhancing drugs at its best

  9. Frozen application? There’s a fix for that!
  10. If an application ever freezes, press and hold the sleep/wake button for 6-7 seconds. This causes the running application to close; sort of like CTRL+ALT+DEL on Windows PCs(shudder).

  11. Easily access the controls to your music
  12. Double-clicking on the home button will bring up the music controls, allowing you to change the volume, switch to the previous or next song, or play or stop the current song.

  13. Jump to the top of long Web pages
  14. When you are scrolling down a long page, you can jump back to the top of the page by tapping on the upper bar. Note: Works best while surfing the Web when you tap on the status bar containing the battery life and time.

  15. Hide applications
  16. If you don’t want any of the pre-installed applications being displayed, you can hide them by going to Settings>General>Restrictions>Enable Restrictions>Enter a Restrictions Passcode> Disable selected applications. Unfortunately, the restrictions only apply to Safari, Youtube, and iTunes. Note: If you have a jailbroken device, you can download SBSettings to easily hide any application from view.

  17. Use accents/symbols while typing
  18. Holding down on certain letters while typing will bring up the accents/symbols associated with that letter. Note: Works for the letters E, Y, U, I, O, L, S, A, Z, C, N.

  19. Delete email messages, videos, etc.
  20. To delete an email message, you can slide your finger across the selected message in any direction and you will have the option to delete it. Works also for the Video application and certain other applications.

  21. Preview links
  22. While browsing on Safari, you can hold down on a link shown on a webpage and the URL to the link will be displayed.

  23. Scientific calculator
  24. To use the scientific calculator, simply start-up the Calculator application and turn the iPod sideways.

  25. Save images on Safari
  26. If you want to save an image while browsing Safari, tap and hold down on the image to save it.

  27. Pause downloading applications
  28. To pause a downloading application, simply tap on the icon, and the word, “Paused” will appear below the icon.

  29. Save battery life
  30. The three biggest battery drainers on your iPod are wifi, powering on/off your device, and fetching data. We all can’t live without internet. Wifi is no different. Problem is that it can seriously deplete your battery life in a heartbeat. Also, remember to never turn your device off unless it froze. It takes more power to start the device up again than to leave it in sleep mode. Lastly, change your device’s data fetch frequency to manual.

  31. Save email messages as drafts
  32. When composing an email, you can save the message as a draft so that you can finish it later. Simply click on Cancel and you will be given the option to save the email.

  33. Download Youtube videos to your iPod Touch
  34. You can download Youtube videos onto your iPod with the application Youtube Downloader. Once you convert the video into MP4 format, open up iTunes and go to the File tab. Select “Add File to Library”, locate your video file, then click on open. Next, click on the Movies located under the Library tab on the left bar. Find your video and click and drag the file to “Your Name’s iPod”. Wait for the iPod to sync.

  35. Whoops! My bad!
  36. If you ever make a mistake while you type, you can shake your iPod and a pop up menu will allow you to undo and/or redo typing. Source
    shake to correct

  37. Caps Lock
  38. It can be really handy to type in caps lock on your iPhone when you want to send angry email or text messages entirely in capital letters. To enable caps lock, go to Settings>General>Keyboard>Enable Caps Lock. Then, when you type, double tap on shift to turn on caps lock on your keyboard.

  39. Add a Shortcut Icon to Your Favorite Website(s)
  40. Have a blog or website(ahem) you can’t get enough of especially if your always on the go? Rather than launching Safari every time and entering the URL, save some time and add the site as a shortcut icon on your iPhone.

    First, click on the “+” button on Safari and click on “Add to Homescreen.” Then, give the icon a name, preferably the name of the site. For web developers, here’s a super-cool tip! Add the following line of code to your blog’s header to set the bookmark icon:

    <link rel="apple-touch-icon" href="iphone-icon.png"/>
    Make sure the icon is 57 pixels by 57 pixels.
    Source: CSS-Tricks

  41. Store applications in folders
  42. The latest OS update featured the long sought-after folders feature. To create a folder, click and hold any app to make it start vibrating. Then, click and drag an app directly over another and you’ll see a expanding box appear around that app, indicating the folder. Release, and the two apps will now be in its own folder. Name the folder whatever you like. At the present moment, folders only hold up to 12 apps and cannot contain other folders. * Extra tip!Store those god-awful pre-installed weather and stock apps into a folder to hide them and save some valuable space!

  43. Preview links
  44. A great way to protect yourself from suspicious looking links on a webpage is to click and hold on the link. A box will then appear with the full link address for you to judge.

Photo by Gizmodo and Appstorm

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