Tips for Upgrading to Alfred 2

Alfred2One of my favorite productivity Mac apps, Alfred, released its biggest update since it was first launched to the public over a year ago. One of the major features you will find is the ability to create Workflows, which are sort of like Automator scripts where you can utilize keywords, hotkeys, and other actions to perform tasks like accessing your local weather forecast, toggling Wi-Fi on/off, and connecting to your favorites on Transmit. You can find loads of workflows created by users on the Alfred forum.

Workflows is a huge game changer for Alfred. Version 1 already allowed you endless ways to customize and mod Alfred to your liking. It reminds me of how Sublime Text 2 became so popular when developers started building useful plugins to extend the capabilities of the text editor. Some prescient user has even taken the initiative to create a Package Control-like workflow that allows you to update and install workflows you install that were created by various authors.

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The Fallout of the Dropbox Security Breach

dropboxEveryone’s favorite cloud storage service, Dropbox, has taken some beatings lately with some lapses in security and privacy changes. On Monday, it was revealed that a code update introduced a bug into the system for over four hours that allowed users to login to any account using any password. Now, as reported by Techcrunch, the findings from the investigation by the Dropbox team has revealed that fewer than 100 accounts were affected during the breach.

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How I Earned 29 GB of Free Storage on Dropbox

dropbox storage space bonus

It’s no secret: the entire universe is in love with Dropbox.

I, myself, can’t stop raving about the online syncing tool. Since downloading the app late last year, it quickly became my most frequently used app.

Dropbox lets me:

  • Sync files across multiple computers and mobile devices
  • Back up important files
  • Share documents with others easily without resorting to email

Earlier today, Lifehacker wrote a post about SugarSync, another Dropbox competitor who is now offering all free accounts 5 GB of free storage space. Meanwhile, Dropbox offers only 2 GB of free storage. A comment by a reader stated that he had earned nearly 19 GB of free storage through Dropbox’s referral program! I was astonished. And quite sad. I had managed to eke out 11.25 GB of free storage thus far.

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How to Sync Files and Folders Outside Your Dropbox Folder with Automator (Mac)

In my post 8 Useful Dropbox Tips and Tricks, I explained how you can sync files and folders outside your Dropbox folder by creating symbolic links using the Dropbox Folder Sync addon. While this method did work, I didn’t find it ideal since it wouldn’t let me remove the symbolic link in any simple fashion lest I choose to delete the file or folder itself. Or, at least that’s what I experienced anyways.

Luckily, there is a far better way to sync files outside of Dropbox using the Mac program, Automator. Automator is this really neat program on the Mac that lets you automate many repetitive tasks for you. For example, you can create what are called “workflows” that can rename a large batch of files, or resize numerous images quickly.

In this tutorial, I will create a workflow using the Services template in Automator. Services are these custom context menu bar items you can add to almost any Mac program. This tutorial will show you how to create one that adds a “Sync with Dropbox” option to menu items so that you can easily right-click any file or folder and sync it with Dropbox.
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8 Useful Dropbox Tips & Tricks

Confession: I’m madly in love with Dropbox.

Managing your files across multiple computers used to be accomplished through inefficient means like email and USB drives. No more. Dropbox made these old habits obsolete. The formula was simple: place your file into your Dropbox folder, and the file will be instantly synced across all of your computers.

Beyond syncing, Dropbox also became a valuable backup tool for your most important documents. Also, sharing documents with others became incredibly easy with Dropbox, further plummeting the value of email.

In this post, I share 8 great tips and tricks for you to get the most out of Dropbox.
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The Top Ten Must-Have Free Software Programs

Freeware is awesome. Great freeware is even better. Finding useful software at no cost is often hard to find. However, if you look hard enough, you might just stumble upon that diamond in the rough. With the following ten apps, you can be sure that each will drastically improve your computing experience and help you realize the meaning of life. (No guarantee on the latter)

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