quick linksIf you regularly perform searches in Gmail, remembering all the different search operators is often a challenge. Granted, Gmail now provides a more user-friendly drop-down form to allow you to refine your search as opposed to shooting in the dark with random keywords. But wouldn’t it be awesome to somehow save some of your most frequently used search queries as a bookmark, triggering it with a simple click of a button?

Quick Links is a Gmail Labs feature that you must enable via your Gmail settings under the Labs column. Once it’s activated, you can save any custom searches as a 1-click URL within Gmail.

For example, let’s create a “Attachments” shortcut. Using the search operator has:attachment in Gmail search, click the “Add Quick Link” link in the box located in the bottom left of Gmail. A pop-up box will appear allowing you to create a name or title for the link.

Now, whenever you want to search for attachments again in the future, simply click the new “Attachments” in your Quick Links list and the search will be made instantly.