Getting scratches on your new watch, mobile phone, or laptop is inevitable in this day and age. No matter how much money you invest on protective cases, your electronics always seem to suffer minor scratches nevertheless. In this short tutorial, I’ll show you how you can easily repair any scratched electronic device using only a small amount of toothpaste.

For this tutorial, you will need the following:

  • Toothpaste(preferably one that is paste; no gel)
  • A wash cloth
  • Scratched electronic device(iPhone, MP3 player, watch, laptop)


  1. Apply a pinch of toothpaste to the scratched surface
  2. Only use enough toothpaste to cover the scratches. Apply more as you go. Follow along any scratch by rubbing the toothpaste in a circular motion. Once you are done, wait about half a minute for the toothpaste to settle before proceeding.

  3. Wipe off toothpaste with a damp cloth
  4. If you don’t have a cleaning cloth available, you can use toilet paper instead.

  5. Dry the surface
  6. Make sure no water is remaining, especially if you are cleaning a laptop or CD/DVD.

This technique can apply to anything with a glass composition. Unfortunately, if the scratches on your device are too severe, this may not be enough to save it from working again. Let me know if this worked for you in the comments section below.

Photo by makelessnoise

  • Joe

    This sounds a bit too odd for it to actually work. I’ll try it some day though. There’s a lovely scratch on my laptop I would love to remove.

    • Tony Hue

      Well, if it doesn’t work, you can smile knowing that your laptop smells a helluva lot better than before.

  • Dee

    Does it have to be FLUORIDE toothpaste? ;p I use fluoride-free nowadays. I’ll try it on my watch. I can barely see the time because of scratches.

    • Tony Hue

      I ain’t no dentist or toothpaste aficionado but as long as it’s white, slap that beautiful paste on your watch asap!

  • Evan @ 40Tech

    Could be handy. I guess this smooths out the surrounding surface to make up for the scratch?

    • Tony Hue

      That would explain why deeper scratches are harder to fix. Shrug.

  • pinkpopstar223

    this really worked…. i can’t even see the scratch will be using this again

    • Tony Hue

      And….it smells minty fresh! 😀

  • Trendsettersforlife

    It really works!!!!…thks Tony

  • Henrypolu

    Does it have to be white paste because my past is aquphor and its red

    • Tony Hue

      Ideally, yes, it should. But the results should be about the same.

  • zack

    thx dude

  • Nat

    Does this work with scratches on the lid of my laptop not the screen?

    • Tony Hue

      I can’t see why not. Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

  • Sweg

    Will this work with the aluminium surface of the macbook pro?

    • Tony Hue

      It’s generally effective for minor scratches on the MBP aluminum surface.

  • Wait so does it work on the top of a black laptop?

  • Loni Arnel Pearson

    Hello! So I have a silver (aluminum?) surface on my Nintendo 3DS, and the scratch is pretty close to the design.. I’m wondering if the toothpaste will wear off/ discolor the design? Thanks in advance.

    • Tony Hue

      That’s a possibility. I’d navigate around the design just to be safe.

  • Gamer4life8931

    I have a black scrach on my 3ds will this work on it?

    • Tony Hue

      See my reply to @loniarnelpearson:disqus

  • Kandric

    Well who needs a Sapphire display? I will certainly be trying this as soon as I get home, as durable as my Nokia is, the Guerrilla Glass 2 scratches easily.

  • Jake

    It worked!best life hack ever!

  • Laticia

    I have a lg xpression C395 phone in red and the red frame has scratches on and I tried toothpaste but that did not work what else can I try for the red around the frame to remove the scratches on the red.

  • ty737

    Would this work on a tablet screen?

    • Tony Hue

      Hmmm…I would advise against that.

      • ty737

        Well your description says a scratched electronic device.