When Clear for iOS debuted about a month or two ago, most of the negative reception focused on its lack of features.

Where are the push notifications?
How come I can’t share this list to my Facebook friends?
Why isn’t there a calendar?

Drawn by their video demo, I downloaded the app in earnest. I was more curious to get my fingers interacting with the much-hyped user interface. My review thus far?

I love using Clear.

Its clever use of gestures makes it stupid easy to use. A downward swipe near the top of your screen creates a new list. You’ll need to be concise though when writing a name for your list as you’re limited to the width of your iOS’s device. No worries. I’m a man of few words. Challenge accepted.

List created? Cool. Grocery list you say? Perfect! That’s one of my favorite uses of Clear!

What food shall we get at the supermarket? I’m running low on milk, so let’s add that.

Just pull down from the top of your screen like before. No, there isn’t a “+” button to click. Once again, the succinct “milk” is sufficient as you won’t be able to get away with “stuff that cows produce from their udders.”

Alright! List finished and we’re now at the supermarket! Let’s pull out Clear and check out what we need to buy. You head to the “stuff that cows produce from their udders” section and pick up a gallon.

Now, you can check that item off from your grocery list. Just swipe horizontally from left to right or vice-versa if you’re feeling a little adventurous. Go ahead! Try it now!

Want to rearrange the order of your list? Simple! Just press and hold any item to “pick it up,” and then drag it to an appropriate location.

One last gesture I wanted to mention. Naturally, I saved the best one for last.

Swiping down to create a new item is cool. But you know what’s really cool? Pinching outward to create a new item.

Yes, nothing can quite compete with the pinch.


After using Clear on an increasing basis the last couple of weeks, I’ve come to the realization that I don’t need full-blown set of features in my todo apps. Half of the features I barely know exist! That’s probably why I rarely use most todo apps I download.

With Clear, the app doesn’t let you do much. You create lists and add items to the list. Aside from rearranging and removing items, there isn’t much else. And, you know what? I’m fine with that.

The few things Clear does, it does very well. With its intuitive gesture-based interface, you won’t feel like this is the first time using it.

Download Clear for iOS