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For years, Google Analytics reigned as the go-to website analytics tool for millions of website owners, including myself. With its unbeatable price tag (free!), mere mortals everywhere had acces to an impressive suite of reports and analytics to help them gauge the traffic to their websites.

If there was one thing that was lacking in Analytics, it was the absence of real-time data tracking. There’s usually about a three hour delay before reports are updated. As a result, a legion of analytics tools like Clicky and Chartbeat began popping up, capitalizing on the opportunity. Unfortunately, most of these new software tools aren’t free to use, and thus, only large publishers/businesses unlike myself made up the majority of those who adopted them. Interestingly, I’ve noticed that some continued to run Google Analytics simultaneously.

But the day that Google finally rolls out real-time tracking was inevitable. In a blog post today, Google launched Google Analytics Real-Time, which will show you “what’s happening on your site as it happens.”


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As mentioned in the post, one of the biggest benefit of real-time data involves social media. In today’s “right-now” world, people are constantly demanding news as it happens, wherever they are. The same idea applies to tracking your website’s traffic. For instance, when I publish this article and tweet it to my legion of followers, I want to see the immediate impact my tweet has. Are people clicking the link to read this article? What pages are people viewing on my blog at this moment?

Real-time reports are available for only a limited users currently, with service gradually being rolled out to more users in the weeks ahead. If you are one of the lucky few unlike myself whom Google picked, you can find the reports located in your Dashboard menu in the new version of Analytics. Not one to sit on tight waiting for fate to do its bidding? Take control of your life by signing up for early access here: https://services.google.com/fb/forms/realtimeanalytics/

Google also announced their new Google Analytics Premium service for enterprise companies. This brings to the table more data collection, more advanced reports, dedicated support anytime of the day, and SLA guarantees. For pricing details, you would need to contact a Google specialist or one of their authorized resellers.

Update: It costs $150,000(US) a year. :O Source

Full transcript provided by Uncrunched:

Thanks for your interest in Premium. The program has a flat annual fee of $150,000 which we invoice monthly ($12,500 per month).

The Premium features (including faster data, unsampled reporting, more custom variables) can be enabled on your existing GA account within 2 business days of you joining the program – no retagging necessary.

Please let me know if you’d like to set up some time to discuss further.

Thanks again

Google Analytics Premium is here!

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