Location-based services continue to grow with apps like foursquare and Gowalla leading the charge. Dropp is a new iPhone app by the folks at Sense Labs that lets you leave location-based messages and photos to your friends and family or even strangers. Here are some ways people can use Dropp:

  • Give a virtual tour to your friends
  • Leave reminders to yourself or someone else (ie. Don’t forget to bring the milk!)
  • Contests and scavenger hunts

So, if you’re waiting in front of a restaurant for a friend, but realize you forgot to pay the parking meter, you can use Dropp to leave a message for your friend so that when he/she arrives, they’ll be notified about your whereabouts. Sure, you can simply send them a text message or phone call, but Dropp serves as a “location listener” so that your friend is notified when they show up, making the message more relevant to them.


Dropp is simple to set up and start using. It requires you to create an account first, but once you’ve done that, you can start leaving dropps wherever you go. Using your phone’s GPS, it determines your current geographic location to see if any dropps are nearby. Leaving a dropp of your own is painless. When you are ready to send the dropp, you are given the option to choose who you want to access it. You can let either anyone or just one of your friends see it. The choice is yours.

At the moment, it seems that Dropp does not let you select multiple friends which seems a bit limiting especially if you are targeting your message to several friends. Dropp also resembles foursquare’s tip feature, which lets you leave messages at venues for other people to read when they check-in. Dropp is more personal in that it allows you to specifically direct your message for only an individual. Also, the note doesn’t have to be attached to any particular venue.

For those concerned about their privacy and recall Apple’s location tracking controversy, Dropp has a privacy policy on their website which states:

We store the geographical locations of Dropps (latitude/longitude). Dropp checks with our servers periodically to see if your current location puts you in range of a Dropp, but your location as you move about the Earth is not stored in any permanent way. Basically, we have a database of all of your Dropps and their location, but we don’t have a database containing where you’ve been.

We also do not share your information with anyone for any reason. We hate spammers and the like, and we protect your information as if it were our very own.

Dropp is more fun to use as more of your friends start using it. The numerous possibilities with how people use this app will allow it to evolve and enter more niches in the future. For example, Dropp

I’m excited to see how far Dropp becomes adopted by users. If you’re interested in trying out the app, download it from the App Store for free.