"Aaaaaaaaaaannnnd...Evernote has crashed again...."

“Aaaaaaaaaaannnnd…Evernote has crashed again….” Photo credit

I’ve tried a boatload of note taking apps for iOS and frankly, most of them suck.

  • Evernote – Slower than a trip to the DMV.
  • Simplenote – Pretty good, but I stopped using it for some reason.
  • Notes(stock app) – Font choices reminiscent of a Geocities website.

Yeah, I can’t remember the rest. Probably since most failed to leave an impression on me.

My concept of a perfect note taking app for mobile would encompass the following:

  1. Super fast – Open and write immediately.
  2. Synchronization – I don’t want to be emailing myself notes I’ve created just so I can read them on my computer.
  3. Beautiful, user friendly – A note taking app should not be hard to use. Period.

With that, I think I’ve found the perfect match. It’s called Drafts.

Is it super fast?

drafts app

Hell yes. If I think it’s fast on my decrepit iPod Touch, then it must be the Usain Bolt of note taking apps. Launching the app, I can start writing in seconds. Forget about coming up with a title, tagging it, or creating folders to organize your note. Just write.

Ideas show up at the most random moments. Floundering in Evernote hell as you beg it to stop crashing for the millionth time isn’t worth your time.

Can it sync?

Yes, but it doesn’t use iCloud. Drafts uses a service called Simperium, which is also used by the aforementioned Simplenote. So, if you want to access your notes on other iOS devices, you have to create an account to enjoy that feature.

Luckily, Drafts offers a gold mine of sharing options and integration with many popular iOS apps like Tweetbot and Fantastical. It can send notes to practically anything you would ever need: email, text, Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox, Evernote, Events, and yes, even your printer.

Does it look better than the stock Notes app?

Lightyears better, my friend. Drafts lets you customize the look of your writing template, from the background color and font choice and text size. Is Gill Sans an option? Yes, that magical, modern beauty can be set as your default font. I’ve never been this excited about a font in my life.

Yet another note taking app

Do you need yet another note taking app on your iPhone? If you’ve tried some of the most popular ones available and aren’t particularly satisfied with any of them, then Drafts might be worth your consideration. My most important expectation is that recording ideas on my iPod Touch must be done as quickly as possible. As simple as that may sound, you would be surprised at how few apps can actually achieve this.

Download Drafts for your iPhone or iPad from the App Store.

  • http://www.40tech.com Evan

    I’m a fan of Drafts just as a great tool to quickly get a thought out, and then decide where it ends up. It is now living in my dock on both my iPhone and my iPad.