Earlier this week, Microsoft hosted the first of its 12 Days of Christmas promotion by discounting a limited (read: 20 units per store, 100 units online) Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet by a whopping 66%! Unfortunately for me, I had to settle for the slightly less satisfying $199 price, which was a pretty good deal for a 32GB tablet.

With its impending arrival, a thought trickled into my mind: What better way to christen the arrival of a new gadget in your life than to record an unboxing?

One step closer to tech blogging infamy.

The Setup

In case you are wondering, I recorded the video with my Nexus 4. Since I don’t own a dedicated tripod I had to improvise and use a car mount. The audio was done separately using the Blue Yeti Microphone, the same device I use for the podcast. The editing was then completed using iMovie.

Thoughts, comments, feedback?

As always with any new endeavor, I welcome your thoughts on the video. Did I forget to mention something important? Was it paced well? Did you find it informative?

Thanks for watching!

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