This blog could not have been made possible without the help of many people and resources I’ve come to trust. Below, are several lists of services, blogs, websites, apps, and people who has contributed to the growth of this blog. Thank you for the tremendous impact you have made.


LonePlacebo is hosted by Host Gator since December of 2010.

Disqus is the commenting platform we use.

WordPress Plugins

This site is powered by the world’s most popular content management system, WordPress. I use about 10-15 plugins on any given WordPress site, but here are the ones I regularly turn to:

Desktop/Web/iOS Apps

I’m a proud MacBook Pro owner since August of 2010. I love finding new Mac apps all the time. Here are the ones I use for blogging purposes.

Favorite Sites/Blogs

Most of my blog posts originate from something I read on Twitter. I follow people interested in technology, web design, social media, business, and software. Here are some of the sites I visit the most:

And the rest…