clear for mac

Update: It’s now available today at an introductory price of 50% off for $6.99! Download at the Mac App Store.

I first wrote about Clear for iOS back in March. In that post, I concluded by saying:

With Clear, the app doesn’t let you do much. You create lists and add items to the list. Aside from rearranging and removing items, there isn’t much else. And, you know what? I’m fine with that.

The few things Clear does, it does very well. With its intuitive gesture-based interface, you won’t feel like this is the first time using it.

Months later, I still love using Clear. While the app is marketed as a todo list app, I use it mostly for creating lists of things other than things I have to do. For instance, it’s great for maintaining a grocery list which I can easily swipe items as inactive and swipe again to reactivate them when I need to restock on food. No need to ever have to recreate grocery lists of food I always buy week in and week out.

Now, the makers behind the app, Realmac Software has released a teaser trailer announcing the imminent release of Clear for Mac on November 8. Hey, that’s in two days!

Unsurprisingly, the new release will come integrated with iCloud so that you can synchronize your content across all your devices. But hold on just one second. How much is the Mac version gonna cost me?


Yikes! I hate to complain and whine about paying for software, but that just seems a bit too steep on first impression. The iOS version sells for a reasonable two dollars, but paying seven times that amount for a Mac version? I’ll pass.