For the love of Jelly


For the nascent Internet user, Yahoo Answers was one of the first major Q&A website that was widely used. Unlike the impersonal experience of a Google search, Yahoo Answers was inherently social. Behind every question there was a face, an avatar, a person. It was enough to give the service the heartbeat it needed to thrive.

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I spent $350 on apps in 2013


It was another fantastic year in apps. Both Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store hit the 1 million app mark. Apple's latest version of Mac OS X was released for free. Some of my favorite apps received major updates this year including 1Password 4, Alfred 2, and Evernote 5.

What were some of your favorites?

I wanted to take a deeper dive at the apps I purchased. After some proper accounting, I discovered that I spent around $350 on apps in 2013.

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Android Replacements For My Favorite iOS Apps

As some of you have may read from my Nexus 4 review, I recently made the switch over from iOS to Android. I was skeptical for various reasons but my biggest concern was whether or not I could find Android versions of my favorite iOS apps, or at least a decent alternative. By and large, the move was not as disastrous as I had envisioned. In this post, I’ll share some of the apps that I was able to replace and the select few which I haven’t.

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Why I Switched From Wunderlist to Things


I’ve been an ardent user of Wunderlist for the past year now, having used TeuxDeux prior. The thing with todo managers is that you rarely find one that fits all of your needs and simply works. With TeuxDeux, it lacked reminders. With Wunderlist, notifications work half the time.

Recently, I decided to take a chance with another tool and decided to place my bet on Things. Here are the reasons why I made the switch:

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