Must Watch: Mark Zuckerberg at Startup School 2013

Startup accelerator Y Combinator’s annual Startup School is a one-day event that draws hundreds of budding entrepreneurs for a day of talks featuring tech luminaries including AirBnB’s Brian Chesky, Dropbox’s Drew Houston, and Andreessen Horowitz’s Marc Andreesen.

This year’s event was held last month on October 19. If you weren’t able to attend or watch the live stream, fear not. Y Combinator has posted the videos on their Youtube channel.

You will find videos of talks from Jack Dorsey, Phil Libin, and Chase Adams. The Q&A between Paul Graham and Mark Zuckerberg though, is a must watch. It’s also the only video I’ve watched.

The duo spent a large portion of their 36-minute conversation talking about the early days of Facebook. Zuckerberg elucidated on the mistakes he made as an entrepreneur and how little he really knew about starting a company as a 19-year old student at Harvard.

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Dell Venue 8 Pro Unboxing Video

Earlier this week, Microsoft hosted the first of its 12 Days of Christmas promotion by discounting a limited (read: 20 units per store, 100 units online) Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet by a whopping 66%! Unfortunately for me, I had to settle for the slightly less satisfying $199 price, which was a pretty good deal for a 32GB tablet.

With its impending arrival, a thought trickled into my mind: What better way to christen the arrival of a new gadget in your life than to record an unboxing?

One step closer to tech blogging infamy.

The Setup

In case you are wondering, I recorded the video with my Nexus 4. Since I don’t own a dedicated tripod I had to improvise and use a car mount. The audio was done separately using the Blue Yeti Microphone, the same device I use for the podcast. The editing was then completed using iMovie.

Thoughts, comments, feedback?

As always with any new endeavor, I welcome your thoughts on the video. Did I forget to mention something important? Was it paced well? Did you find it informative?

Thanks for watching!

Upgrading my MacBook Pro with a Crucial M500 SSD


Last week, I finally pulled the trigger. Convinced that my 2010 MacBook Pro had seen better days and unimpressed with the arrival of more spinning umbrellas of death in Mavericks, I knew I had to make a decision. Either buy a new laptop or upgrade the internals.

The latest MacBook Airs with its 10+ hr battery life made me yearn for something better than the 4-5 hours I was seeing. Combined with the speedy SSD, how could I go wrong?

One night, while perusing the Apple subreddit, I came across a post by someone who had recently upgraded their MacBook Pro with more RAM and a new SSD. Inspired by his experience, I conducted some additional research. To my surprise, SSDs have become more affordable since I last checked. A 250GB SSD could be bought for around $200. Why pay five times that amount with a new rig when I can simply replace the one part that can provide the biggest benefit?

With that said, this is what I did:

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How To Sell Your Electronics on eBay

See how happy they to buy your old iPhone?

See how happy they are to buy your old iPhone?

Over the years, I have sold a number of my electronics on eBay such as my beloved Gameboy SP, a Gamecube, and an iPod Touch. Most recently, I helped my sister sell her “old” 2011 Macbook Air, which was by far the most expensive and nerve-racking sale I have ever made. I prayed that whoever ended up with the laptop wasn’t some scam artist looking to pilfer credit card information, passwords, and other personal information that I inadvertently failed to make unretrievable. There are only so many horror stories an amateur online seller can handle before the paranoia kicks in.

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PlaceboCast 12: Look out Dropbox. You’ve got a new competitor in town.

In this episode, we talk about Apple’s product announcements from the prior week – Mavericks, iWork, iPads, Mac Pro, you name it. Also, Joseph unveils the details of his new private cloud service and how he built it. Lastly, we wrap things up by discussing Twitter’s upcoming IPO.

Apologies in advance for the audio quality. I forgot to use my headphones during the recording and inadvertently recorded Joseph’s voice on my end as well.

As always, thanks for listening.

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