Securing your MacBook: Going Beyond Tinfoil


How do you secure the data on your portable computer from thieves, without having to chain your computer to a concrete slab?

I have just the answer.

Disclaimer: The methods I outline here are nowhere near foolproof. Always keep the possibility of theft in the back of your mind when you leave your gadgets unattended.

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The iPad Air Review: A Two Week Retrospect

Wow. Such focus, so art.

The power of lightness, the essence of beauty.

If you, dear reader, were to tell me after I had purchased the original iPad Mini that I would make the jump to the larger and heavier iPad Air a little over a year later, I would have scoffed at your remarks. Why wouldn’t I? The iPad (or future iterations thereof) is a heavy, bulky, and overpowered piece of gadgetry. I already have a MacBook Air for all my portable computing needs, so why in the world would my next tablet be the larger and more expensive iPad when I could wait for the retina iPad Mini? Hell would have to freeze over before I would make that change.

A year later, hell has frozen over.

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Buying Into the Apple TV Ecosystem: Is It Worth It?

apple tv

The TV and computing landscape has changed forever.

A growing number of young adults and adults alike are cutting the cord – disconnecting themselves from the cable oligarchy and finding entertainment solace in the internet. Moving from a cable provider to the internet is not an easy task, however. Today, there are an infinite number of choices to choose from – ranging from Google TV, Roku, Boxee, and Apple TV, all with their own method of self-control and DRM-laden content. So how are you supposed to choose the right ecosystem?

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How to Encrypt Your Hard Drive with Truecrypt

keyI’m relatively new to the whole cryptography and computing security scene and it has always intrigued me on how so many people with their Macbooks, Netbooks, iPhones, external hard drives, and other mobile devices are so vulnerable to malicious attacks from outsiders. There has always been an age-old saying in the IT business: PEBKAC (Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair).

While most of the problems that IT managers and security professionals deal with stem from the inability of users to practice some common sense when browsing the web, those types of problems are easy to rectify.

However, there is very little IT managers and security professionals can do about physical theft, such as a burglaries and corporate espionage.  Thankfully, there is a way for ordinary people like you and me to protect your sensitive data from physical theft.

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Maps in iPhoto for iOS Look Different? Apple Begins using OpenStreetMap data, Dumps Google Maps

open street map

Image by The Verge

Do I detect a signal for abandon ship?

The OpenStreetMap Foundation, a non-profit foundation who aims to support and enable the development of free-to-use geographical and spatial data as well being connected to the collaborative project OpenStreetMap,  today confirmed that the newest iteration of the iPhoto app for iOS – which Apple unveiled yesterday at their special event – is using OpenStreetMap location data for its photo geo-location feature instead of Google Maps.
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