Ever since the iPad 3, er, new iPad announcement, my sister has been pestering me about whether or not she should get an iPad. To help her reach a decision, I asked her a simple question: what will you use an iPad for?

For me personally, it’s web browsing, checking mail, and apps. That last reason is probably the biggest influencer. I’m one of those people that gets excited every time I hear about a new app that has come out. Which explains the number of blog posts I’ve written about them.

Two nights ago, my Twitter feed started exploding with people tweeting about a new iPad app called Paper, designed by a company called FiftyThree. Throughout the night, tweet after tweet contained drawings people had sketched using the app. These weren’t your typical drawings you would find from a game of Draw Something. They looked surprisingly good, which led me to believe that I must be following some very artistic hipsters on Twitter.


@joseph_carney is a hipster

Watching the video on the app’s website, it seemed like the drawing app I dreamed about using on an iPad had finally arrived. Alas, without an iPad, I can do nothing more than watch in painful envy as people share their creative masterpieces.

An iPhone version would probably do no justice either. I should know that. I’ve played Draw Something.

I recommend checking out the Paper review on The Verge. It’s good.