As some of you have may read from my Nexus 4 review, I recently made the switch over from iOS to Android. I was skeptical for various reasons but my biggest concern was whether or not I could find Android versions of my favorite iOS apps, or at least a decent alternative. By and large, the move was not as disastrous as I had envisioned. In this post, I’ll share some of the apps that I was able to replace and the select few which I haven’t.

Do Not Disturb

This isn’t exactly an iOS app but I found myself missing this very simple feature when I switched to Android. I hated switching my phone to silent before I went off to bed every night and I wanted something that could automate this process in the way that Do Not Disturb was able to do.

im sleeping

The appropriately named I’m sleeping does exactly what I wanted. It lets you set a period every night to silence your phone, even with the option to set a different time for weekends. Similar to Do Not Disturb, you can create a white list of contacts who you can still reach you and enable an option to pass through repeated calls from the same person.


pocket casts

There are lots of podcasting apps on Android, though only a scant few that came close to par with Instacast. For now, I’m using Pocket Casts which has most of the great features I enjoyed in Instacast like intuitive playback controls and automated removal of finished podcasts. I’m not a big fan of its overall design but it’s the best one I’ve come across so far. There’s also DoggCatcher though I have yet to try it out myself.

One Receipt

I started digitizing all my paper receipts about a year ago and One Receipt was easily the best in its category. Despite my iPod Touch’s crummy 0.7 MP camera, it was still able to accurately record the relevant details of all of my receipts, all the way down to the individual line items and prices.

Although One Receipt currently does not offer an Android version as of this writing, you can email receipts to your account. Lemon Wallet is a decent alternative receipt digitizing app. It was actually this app that I replaced with One Receipt. I continue to register receipts with One Receipt on my iPod, with Lemon Wallet serving as a digital backup of some of my wallet cards.


It was a mere week ago that I wrote a piece saying why I was moving from Wunderlist to Things. That was before I got my Android. Now, my $10 investment in the iOS version of Things has been wasted. As of the moment, I haven’t downloaded a replacement. Since Google Now was just updated this week with a new reminder feature, I haven’t felt the compelling need to manage tasks on my phone.


This one definitely hurt quite a bit since there is nothing even close to it. People use Clear for many various things like a todo app, note taking app, and list recording app. I use it as a grocery list. It’s great because whenever I “swipe” to check off an item, it stays there unless I delete it or uncheck it. By unchecking it, I can maintain a list of all the food products I normally buy, saving me the hassle of struggling to recreate a grocery list every weekend. As for now, I’m using Grocery IQ.


eye in sky

Weather apps are a dime a dozen. I have tried so many than I can count, but the one the I’ve been using most recently was Today. Made by the same developers of Agenda Calendar, Today’s best feature is its graphical display of the weekly forecast. In a simple glance, I can get all the pertinent weather information that matters, without the need to interpret any confusing metrics or measurements.

Today unfortunately does not have an Android version. I’m currently using Eye In Sky which has a nice, crisp feel that conveys its minimalistic identity. It also comes with a 5-day weather widget.

Analytics Pro

I like checking Google Analytics every once in a while. Analytics Pro was such a beautiful and well-made app. It’s probably one of the app I’ve used the longest without replacing/deleting.

Google actually has their own official Analytics app for Android. Unfortunately, it’s absolute garbage. It deserves lower than its current 3.5 star rating.