Adventures of a First-Time TaskRabbit

About a month ago, I received an email from TaskRabbit – a company that lets people outsource small gigs to people in their neighborhood.

Thank you for your interest in joining the TaskRabbit community! We are currently inviting a select group of applicants to complete their applications and become a Tasker. Complete your application today to join our high-quality community of neighbors helping neighbors.

From IKEA assembly gigs to picking up groceries, TaskRabbit is a marketplace for people seeking expertise for a project or looking to save some time.

Intrigued I submitted an application, including the personal information required for a background check and detailed explanations about my humble skills such as computer support, online ecommerce (Certified eBay GrandMaster), and usability testing (Is this even on?).

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PlaceboCast 16: This Phone is on Fireeeeeeee


Today, Amazon lifted the wraps from their much-rumored smartphone, the Fire Phone. Make no mistake, this phone was built for Amazon Prime subscribers. Firefly could be a shopper’s ultimate companion, with the ability to quickly identify nearly 100 million items in the real world. Jeff Bezos just hopes you won’t be pointing it at a new iPhone in six months.

As always, thanks for listening.

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PlaceboCast 15: WWDC 2014 Rapidfire Discussion


Apple’s annual developer conference kicked things off this week with its much anticipated keynote. CEO Tim Cook and Craig “Superman/Hair Force One” Federighi announced a slew of upcoming updates to iOS and Mac OS X as well as “the mother of all releases.”

One thing’s for sure: Apple has had a very busy year.

As always, thanks for listening.

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Facebook Adds Virtual Reality as a Friend

It’s easy to forget that Facebook has its roots in gaming. Remember how annoying it was to receive those notifications from your friends to play Farmville and Words With Friends? No, I don’t want to help you milk your cows or try to beat your high score. I just wanted to creep on my friends in peace, social gaming be damned.

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PlaceboCast 13: Fresh Prince of Twitter

Android Wear is Google's first major step into extending its mobile OS to the emerging smartwatch arena. With industry giants like Samsung, LG, Motorola slated to release both updated and new smartwatches this year, it's going to be an exciting time ahead.

In other news, we discuss the motivation behind Amazon Prime's recent price hike. How will customers react? Also, how awesome would it be to have a drone deliver milk to your door?

Thanks for listening!

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